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PhD Dissertation and Artifacts Available

less than 1 minute read

My dissertation titled SNACC: The Scaled-up Neuromorphic Array Communications Controller is now available at https://trace.tennessee.edu/utk_graddiss/5843/.

Sourdough Bread

12 minute read

My favorite type of bread is a fresh, warm loaf of sourdough. I can almost go through a whole loaf by myself when it is fresh from the oven. Sourdough bread ...


2 minute read

I recently created a reorder python script to rename, reorder, add, and remove files/directories in a directory with a numerical naming scheme.

The Big Orange Bramble

1 minute read

This year marks the three-year anniversary of the 64 node Raspberry Pi cluster known as the Big Orange Bramble or BOB. I am happy to report that BOB is still...

One Lap of America 2019

8 minute read

Recently my dad and I competed in Brock Yates’ One Lap of America driving competition. The official website for the event is found at onelapofamerica.com. ...

Skip Barber 3-Day Racing School

6 minute read

Recently my Dad and I attended a Skip Barber 3-Day Racing School at Road Atlanta in Georgia. The trip was a blast and driving on the track in a Mustang GT...